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Afghanistan Crisis

How you can help

Afghanistan is in dire need of the diaspora's support right now. Explore the ways you can help

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Latest News

Get the latest news and updates on the situation as it unfolds.

Civic Advocacy

Contact your legislators and make your voices heard!

Our Goal

Afghanistan needs your help now more than ever and our team has worked to make responding to the devastating humanitarian crisis a bit simpler. We have researched the latest news in organized protests in your area, tools on how to reach your local representatives, ways to raise awareness effectively on social media, and most importantly, a list of vetted organizations to donate to. Our team has researched organizations that are assisting with this crisis to ensure your donations are dealt with responsibility and reaching the most vulnerable in Afghanistan. We are working on volunteer basis to verify information, and vet organizations to help you make informed decisions.


Please note that we are not affiliated to any of these organizations, GoFundMe organizers, or other campaigns. If you would like your organization or campaign featured on our page, please send us a note.

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Help families in need


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