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Pathways for Immigration

Below are the various pathways to emigrate out of afghanistan


Alexander Cohen, Minister’s Office, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

  • Canada has announced a new program to accept 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan, along with Afghans who assisted the Canadian government.

  • Link to additional information on Canada's immigration website here

  • Priority to those who worked with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Armed Forces. NGO Staff may also apply through this system, with slightly different requirements.

  • Email your details. Full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, description of the work you did with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Armed Forces including job title, ID number, points of contact who are Canadian nationals; and your Tazkira number.

    NGO staff should establish (with documentation where possible) a link between a GAC project/GAC official staff member (ie: an email chain with a rep) and a recommendation letter/statement of appointment from the NGO which must list the projects worked on and the scope of employment with that particular NGO. Applicants should aim to provide Canadian references from the same org.

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