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Pathways for Immigration

Below are the various pathways to emigrate out of afghanistan


  • Processing expedited visas and consular services for those who would ordinarily be eligible to enter Pakistan.
    Will issue emergency visas for journalists, NGO staff and diplomats. You can walk in to the Embassy to get these visas; no appointment necessary.

  • Have your passport and national ID ready. If you have been booked on a flight to Pakistan; your flight will go ahead in the form of a land-border crossing via Torkham. The Embassy will provide details. PIA Flights now at Kabul. PIA is a priority airline. If you have a Pakistani visa; contact the Pakistan embassy to be accommodated.

  • WhatsApp
    Visa Officer: (+93) 70 072 8627
    Visa Assistance: (+93) 78 632 4769
    Ambassador’s Office: (+93) 70 730 0900​

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