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Pathways for Immigration

Below are the various pathways to emigrate out of afghanistan

United States

Afghanistan Inquiries

  • We continue to closely monitor events and carefully assess conditions in Afghanistan. The safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas remain a top priority.

  • Afghanistan Inquiries

Evacuation Request for Afghans

  • Qualifications: Any Afghans seeking asylum

  • The Department of State is consolidating a list of everyone who is requesting to be evacuated from Afghanistan. US Citizens in the United States can contact their local representative to add Afghans on the list of evacuees. You must contact your local representative to be added to the Dept of State list. Find your local representative here

  • Evacuation Data Collection Form

SIV/Afghan P-2

Humanitarian Parole or Significant Public Benefit Parole

  • Qualifications: If an applicant can demonstrate an urgent humanitarian reason to come to the United States (this is for those who do not qualify under SIV or P-2)​

  • Check out our Humanitarian Parole page, here.

P1/P2 Referrals for Afghan Citizens

  • Documentation concerning P1/P2 referrals for eligible Afghan citizens can be submitted to the Department of State Afghanistan Task Force at

  • In your email please include the individual's name, contact information (phone # or email), accompanying family members, passport info (i.e., passport #, date of birth, place of birth, passport nationality) or national ID # and any other supporting documents.

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