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List of petitions to sign to get your government moving in the right direction!

Save Afghanistan Now

Stand with people of Afghanistan. Do not legitimize Taliban. Urge the UN, NATO, and EU to support National Resistance Front of Afghanistan(NRF). Sanction supporters of Taliban.

Call on the UK Government to provide Afghan Judges and Lawyers at risk sanctuary

Afghan female judges and lawyers, and other who were involved in prosecuting the Taliban and working on defending the rule of law in the country, must be provided with sanctuary under the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme.

UN needs to create a Humanitarian Channel for Aid to reach Panjshir Valley.

The Australian Government must urge the United Nations to establish a humanitarian corridor to enable basic aid to reach the Panjshir valley.

Urgently stop the war in Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan!

A sincere and serious plea for the United Nations and Council of European Union!

Asylum for Afghan Sikhs affected in Afghanistan

We urge our global community to donate generously and join us in our efforts to put an end to these atrocities and infringement of civil and human rights.

Petition for Afghan Families to claim Political/Refugee Asylum in the U​.​S.

We call upon the Biden Administration to re-open the U.S. Embassy in Kabul and provide sanctuary for those fleeing the Taliban. In doing so, this would allow families to seek asylum (Refugee/Political). We the people urge you to speedily implement a real-life plan for those greatly affected by the despicable fashion the United States of America with drawled from Afghanistan.

Canadian Government to urgently support Panjshir resistance in Afghanistan.

Request the Canadian government and Parliament of Canada to:
- Politically support Panjshir resistance.
- Internationally recognise Panjshir resistance as Afghanistan rightful representing entity.
- Urgently send food, human right supports, money and arms to support this democratic resistance.

Create safe passages from Afghanistan!

Everyone who wants to leave the country must be able to do so. Therefore, we appeal to the German government and the European Union: create safe passages from Afghanistan!

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