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Resources in the
United States

list of resources as we get them. check back often.

ASHA for Women

It is our mission to empower South Asians to become socially and economically self-sufficient. We can guide and help you navigate community and other resources. Moreover, we will stay by your side in the process.

Call our helpline if you need any help. Our services are culturally sensitive and caring, and we can help interpret your specific needs.

Furniture Donation Request - North Virginia

Our community team is in the process of collecting all of the necessities required to support 10 Afghan families in establishing a home.

George Mason University

George Mason University Office of International Programs and Services is working to help displaced Afghan students whose education was interrupted get enrolled to continue their education at GMU in Fairfax, VA.


How to Support Afghans Arriving in the DMV Area

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage is currently being stored in a warehouse in Virginia. After receiving information from people who have lost luggage, the company managing this process will search the warehouse inventory in order to locate your luggage. Once located, the luggage will be delivered to the owner at the address provided on the form at the link above or to the military base where the owner is housed temporarily. Owners will also have the option of retrieving their luggage at the warehouse where it is being stored. Luggage will be delivered at no cost.

BetterHelp & Restore Her Voice

Free therapy sessions to Afghan refugees through a pilot program. If interested, send an email to

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General listing

Resources for both in and out of Afghanistan

Resources for Afghanistan

Ways to help people in Afghanistan

Help Afghans Now

Listing of several resources to help Afghans

Bard College in New York

Bard College in New York is offering places for displaced students from Afghanistan who have made their way to the USA and are hoping to finish their education.

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Afghan American Foundation

Good organizations to donate to

Donation Center Listing

List of donation centers

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